•Develop the legal framework and the laws to govern the practice of cyber security in Zimbabwe;

 •Ensure, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Home Affairs and their institutions, the successful arrest and presentation of offenders;

 •Monitor, in cooperation with other security services, Cyber Security threats and respond to Cyber Security incidents that threaten the Zimbabwe national security, economic and social interests;

 •Establish and supervise the national institutions that will implement the cyber security Policy and programmes;

 •Coordinate cyber security policy activities with all other sectors of Government;

 •Promote the ethical use of ICT and cyber space;

 •Foster cooperation between the public and private sectors in the establishment and maintenance of National Cyber Security; and

 •Ensure international cooperation with other nations including inter-governmental organisations such as the United Nations.  In this regard, to actively participate in the International        Telecommunications Union’s Cyber Security agenda.  In this regard, the Minister will ensure that cross-border cyber threats actors are successfully prosecuted in Zimbabwe or in the countries from  which they actualize their threats.


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Keynote address by the Minister

Keynote address by the Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services – National Cyber-Security Awareness .