•Develop appropriate policies and strategies that enhance provision of ICT, telecommunications, cyber security and courier services;


•Develop and enabling environment for the creation of a knowledge-based society that transgress across all levels of society;


•Spearhead the development of appropriate regulatory frameworks that facilitate the promotion of information communication technology telecommunications, cyber security and                    courier services;


•Champion and promote ICT literacy and utilization in the country in order to enhance regional and international competitiveness as a nation;


•Develop ICT access channels e.g. information kiosks and community information centres for the less privileged members of society to have access to developmental information;


•Establish and manage e-government framework, structures and applications at national level;


•Evaluate the impact of ICT, telecommunications, cyber security and courier services across all sectors of the economy;


•Champion, promote and coordinate national ICT, telecommunications, cyber security and courier services research and development of cost effective software, hardware and                           infrastructure so that it reaches best international standards;


•Develop supportive and enabling communications infrastructure to ensure equitable access to ICTs by all citizens including disadvantaged groups and rural communities;


•Introduce and enforce stringent quality service standards in the provision of ICTs;


•Create a conducive environment for investment in the areas of ICTs telecommunications and cyber security and courier services through public private partnerships;


•Manage Parastatals and state owned enterprises under the Ministry.


•Develop and implement the legal framework and laws to govern the practice of ICTs, cyber security and courier services in Zimbabwe



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