To ensure that procurement and disposal of assets is effected in a manner that is transparent, fair, honest, cost effective and competitive. 

  • Functions
  • Planning the procurement for the ministry.
  • Securing the adoption of the appropriate methods of procurement
  • Preparing bidding in compliance with provisions and preparing bid notices and short lists
  • Managing bidding processes including pre-bid meetings ,clarifications and the receipt and opening of bids
  • Managing the evaluation of bids and the post-qualification negotiations required
  • Supervising its procuring entity’s evaluation committee and ensuring that the committee has carried out its duties.
  • Receiving evaluation reports from the committee and ensuring that they are correct and have been prepared in accordance.
  • Preparing evaluation reports, including contract award recommendations, where the value of the procurement is less than the prescribed threshold.
  • Submitting all evaluations to its procuring entity’s accounting officer, with confirmation that the procedure followed has complied.
  • Preparing contract documents and amendments
  • Managing procurement contracts and overseeing their managements
  • Preparing such procurement reports as may be required by the procuring entity’s accounting officer or the authority
  • Exercising any other function conferred or imposed on the unit.





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