Acting Director-Research Infrastructure Development and Management- Mr N Nyamhuri



The functions of the department:-
Develop, manage and maintain central government ICT infrastructure e.g. PFMS;

•Develop supportive and enabling communications infrastructure to ensure equitable access to ICTs by all citizens including disadvantaged groups and rural communities;

•Establish, manage and maintain government data centre;

•Establish and manage e-government infrastructure; and

•Service and upgrade government ICT infrastructure.





                                      Director- Policy Coordination, Development and E-Government- Mrs G Chingonzo


                                                         Mrs S Mfumu- Deputy Director- E-Government Section



                                                               Mr J Madya- Director- Communications Section




                                          Department of Policy Coordination, Development and E-Government

 Functions of the Department

 •Develop appropriate policies, regulatory frameworks and strategies that enhance provision of ICT, Cyber Security and courier services;

•Develop an enabling environment for the creation of a knowledge-based society that transgresses across all levels of society;

•Develop supportive and enabling infrastructure e.g. information kiosks and Community Information Centres (CICs) to ensure equitable access to ICTs by all citizens including disadvantaged  groups and rural communities;

•Establish and manage e-Government framework, structures, applications and services at all levels;

•Monitor the conduct and running of ICT, Cyber Security and courier services including the establishment of standards and their enforcement;

•Promote the interests of consumers of ICT, Cyber Security and courier services in respect of prices, quality and variety of services provided; and

•Monitor the operations of state owned enterprises under the Ministry


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