The Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services aims to develop an enabling environment for the creation of a knowledge based society that transgresses across all levels of the society. To this end the Ministry is guided by the following vision and mission:



A knowledge based society with ubiquitous connectivity by 2020


Exploit the potential of ICTPCS for sustainable socio-economic development in Zimbabwe.

The Ministry intends to achieve this through the following key result areas: ICTCS Governance, ICTCS Infrastructure Development, ICTCS Research and Development, e-Government, ICTCS Access and Utilisation and ICTCS Corporate Services.
The Ministry in its endeavour to create a knowledge based society is undertaking the following major projects and programmes

(i) ICT Lab Per school- which is aimed at introducing ICTs from grassroots level;

(ii) Community Information Centres (CICs) aimed at creating rural access centres and use the medium of ICT to promote community- based ICT applications;

(iii) Communication Infrastructure Backbone for ubiquitous connectivity in the country;

(iv) e-Government for service delivery and (v) Review of National ICT Policy framework and development of other sector policies.

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Keynote address by the Minister

Keynote address by the Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services – National Cyber-Security Awareness .